These are the products we have developed for cleaning the Helmet

If you are interested in developing any of these products with your brand, please contact us

ZEIBE Helmet Cleaner

Zeibe Helmet Cleaner is a hypoallergenic cellulose wipe impregnated with a solution specially developed for cleaning the internal fabrics of motorbike helmets.

Zeibe Helmet Cleaner wipes eliminate dirt generated by pollution, sweat, make-up, etc and eliminate bad smell in the internal fabric of the helmet.

They have been developed with an alcoholic base to avoid soap and foam remainder and achieve a faster evaporation.

Format: 8 units pack

ZEIBE Visor Cleaner & Anti-Fog

Visor Cleaner & Anti-Fog is a cellulose specially developed for helmet visor. Its formula cleans the visor and creates a long lasting anti-fog treatment (2 weeks).

The formula applies to any kind of helmet visor.

Do not apply on Pin-Lock if the helmet has it.

Format: 8-unit pack

ZEIBE Helmet Deodorant

Zeibe Helmet Deodorant is a technical deodorant for internal fabrics of helmet, that eliminates bad smell with a fresh scent.

Humidity and sweat generated by the normal use of motorbike helmet cause bad smell in the internal fabric of helmet.

Zeibe Helmet Deodorant allows you to have the motorbike helmet always in perfect hygienic conditions.

Format: 100ml atomizer (120 applications)

It does not contain gas.